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 About Private Jet Boutique

Time is one thing that we never have enough of. What if we told you, we could save you time, time to work, time to play, time to think and time to spend with family and friends, quality time. How do we do that? Well here at Private Jet Boutique, we work with you as your exclusive travel partner and we are committed to getting you from wherever you are to wherever you need to be, quickly, safely and discreetly all in the utmost luxury.

Did you know that for flights under 2-hours, flying by private jet can cut your total travel time by more than half. How can that be? Well, flying by private jet means you set the schedule. Flying on your terms means maximising your time and minimising hassle. Arrive at the airport 15-minutes prior to your departure, avoid the lengthy queues and delays of the main terminal and fly from a dedicated private jet terminal. Your bags are loaded directly on to the aircraft and you are ready to take off within minutes of arriving at the airport. In Europe alone, private jets have access to over 3,000 airports with scheduled flights only utilising 300 of those. This means we can fly you into smaller, less busy airports, getting you closer to your destination, so you are not wasting time with transfers and connections.

Personalise each flight the way like to fly with your favourite food and entertainment and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and stress free.

The Private Jet Boutique delivers beyond expectations time after time, why not experience the difference for yourself.


24/7 on-demand air charter

24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no exceptions




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Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter gets you wherever you are to wherever you need to be, quickly, safely and discreetly in the utmost luxury. Fly on your terms. With private jet charter from Private Jet Boutique, you are the pilot!

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Helicopter Charter

Helicopter charter offers a level of flexibility that private jets simply can’t, it is also a very versatile way to travel. Helicopter charter offers the perfect solution for those wanting to cut down on transfer times.

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Jet Membership Programme

Our jet membership programme is the first in the UK to offer unlimited private jet and helicopter charter flights with 0% commission. If you are a frequent flyerthis could save you thousands.

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Concierge Service

We like to go above and beyond for every client and our concierge service does just that. Whether you need a chauffeur car, airport meet and greet or a restaurant booking in Paris, we’ve got you covered.


Flexible & convenient flight options

Fly on your terms, maximising your time and minimising hassle



Why Private Jet Boutique?

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Truly personal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days per year. Our service focuses on a manageable client list so we deliver beyond expectations time after time.

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With over 10 -years experience in the private jet charter market, our experience & knowledge will ensure you get the right jet for your trip on every flight. We work with you not for you.

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We are aware of the impact that flying has on our environment, that is why we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by off-setting carbon emmissions on every flight at no extra cost to the client.

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We always conduct our business with honesty & respect. We strive to always be open, honest, ethical & genuine. We only work with companies & individuals who have the same values as us.

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